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50 Ronson Drive

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

About Indell Corp.

Indell Corporation is a Canadian owned and operated company that is dedicated to providing modern and high-quality lease and property solutions.

With first-rate property management and multiple tenant services available, Indell has an extensive & diversified portfolio of commercial properties in the Greater Toronto Area.

Services We Offer:

Property Management Skill for Hire:

Since 1994 Indell Corporation has managed its own properties, and with three stellar examples are ready to use their trained staff and expertise to manage, clean up and increase the profitability of your property. We are experts in leasing, negotiations, and upgrading! We have a performance based compensation system. Reach out to us now, you will see results!

Tenant Inducement:

Our in-house planning, design, and contractor team can bring your Corporate image to life.

Depending on the covenant and length of lease term, Indell Corporation will contribute substantially towards the customization of your Suite. Indell Corporation offers creative space planning, interior design, and hand-picked contractors, to maximize the visual and functional layout of any suite.

Maintenance and Cleaning Services:

Our qualified network of licensed contractors and in-house personnel ensure that maintenance issues are taken care of quickly and professionally.

Our thorough and cost-effective cleaning teams are also available for hire, ensuring that your office space remains in pristine condition.

High Exposure Sign Options:

Sign space is available for lease at all of our locations. At our 50 Ronson location, an average of 400,000 cars pass by on the 401 daily, giving your business extremely high exposure to potential clientele. We have both building sign space and podium sign space available.

Indell Corporation is trusted by: